Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tunnel Run

Hello blog world! It's been awhile since I've posted. A lot has happened since the Goofy Challenge in January.  We had a house built, moved in with in-laws, moved into the new house, and are now expecting our first kid in November!  So there hasn't been a lot of competition to write about.  We did decide to do one of our favorite 5k races the Fort McHenry Tunnel Run.  This run sponsored by the State Police benefits the Special Olympics.

This was also a training even for the State Police recruits.  They run as a unit doing those military style chants.  Originally I wanted to try and stay ahead of them because I remember from the previous time we ran it that they start at the very back but yea they were much faster than I remember.  They are still fun to see even if they are passing you by!

Being 7 months pregnant my plan was to walk the 5k and try to be under an hour.  Being a competitive person I couldn't "just walk it."  I learned that even though I felt like I was power walking well I was getting passed and I was passed by another pregnant I decided I had to run - a little.  In the tunnel were signs to read and pictures every few hundred feet so I made a plan. I would run sign to sign then walk to the next sign then run as long as I could see the next sign.  If I couldn't see the next sign then I would continue with the walking.  It worked well and I felt like I was moving.

Never done a 5k before? No problem there were clearly a lot of families and non-runners here that were just interested in a good walk to support a good cause.  There were strollers even though I thought I saw a sign that said no strollers, maybe that's my baby brain. Either way that means we can come back next year with the little man. Maybe this will be his first 5k!  Pregnant and not sure what that means for running, well me neither but The Running Mom knows much more so check her out!

I took my own water filled up the bottle at the half way turn around then again at the end. I went through a lot of water! The tunnel actually gets pretty warm in there even though they pump fresh air in.  At the end they had bagels, fruit, and Outback chicken sandwiches!  That sandwich really hit the spot.