Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have been coming to Ocean City, Maryland my whole life.  Growing up this was my summer vacation, we didn't go on fancy trips only a couple times did we venture out of Maryland for summer.  I have always loved to play in the ocean but a few things have alway gotten to me.  First the sea life.  I have been stung by jellyfish, I have almost stepped on them, I have swum away from them. I know they are a lower life form with not even a brain if I remember my biology correctly but damn they hurt and can be a complete buzzkill at the beach.  Luckily they dont come out until the water gets warm.
The next barrier for me was the "sandy bottom."  There are lots of shell bits down there and many crusteaceans as well.  I have gotten snapped at by crabs and that doesn't feel very good either.  As a kid I tried watershoes but they just made it hard to swim and filled with sand and shells which then got trapped in the shoes and defeated the whole purpose.

But this weekend all those worries were away and the Ocean City water was perfect (or at least as perfect as Ocean City water is going to be).  The water was nice and cool which means there were no jellies in sight.  I only saw seaweed once!  The water seemed so clean and cool.  I still couldn't see my feet but I could see more than before.  The water was so cool that triathletes would be rejoicing that a race would be wetsuit legal yet here are thousands of people wearing even more minimal clothing flocking to the water's edge.  It was so nice to just relax, tread water, and roll with the waves.  I wish the ocean stayed this relaxing and cool all summer long.  My next beach will be Hawaii and even though I anticipate that to be much more beautiful its nice to have my beach 2.5hrs away.

Keep Ocean City beautiful folks. Leave only your footprints!

Over spring break this is what we looked like in Ocean City!
But this go around was much nicer. Even the ducks were enjoying themselves. Some even came to greet us!


  1. Those ducks in the last picture look like they're on a mission. Run! ;)

  2. I love visiting the ocean and I am also fortunate to be within driving distance of a few hours.

    But I haven't been to the ocean for a few years. My husband isn't a fan and my mom how lives with me keeps me pretty close to home.

    Some day I plan on taking a trip to Ocean City all by myself for a week. Just me and the ocean. I would really really enjoy that kind of break.