Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marathon Recap

In January of 2010 the hubby and I ran our first marathon and in Disney World no less!
We have decided to start training for another marathon in March which means that the long run trainings start....this weekend...oy vey! Only a month off from races and we are back at it. There are going to be a lot of very cold runs. Hopefully we don't get hit with 6 ft of snow again, definitely makes it hard to get in long runs!
We committed to doing the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our friends The Reeces are doing this for their first marathon and we told them we would support them. Hopefully we can run the race together, we'll see where we are all at. I don't want to slow anyone down. So my knee hurts and is stiff but I have some strength exercises that will hopefully work. I am super excited to do this race and cheer them on to their accomplishment (hopefully at the same time!)
So in the spirit of training for another marathon here is a reprint of the postings I had on Facebook after the marathon was over. I look forward to highlighting the events of our next marathon and I plan to post them here instead of annoying my Facebook friends! Sorry to those whose News Feed was bombarded. Looking back that was pretty obnoxious but I was really excited about our accomplishment and wished that my family and friends had been able to be there.

Highlights (good and bad)

Highlight 1: getting up at 2:50am to get on the monorail

Highlight 2: seeing people in shorts on the monorail and feeling even colder, btw monorail doesn't have heat!

highlight 3: impressed by the amount of porta-potties in the waiting area

highlight 4: huttling with random people to stay warm

highlight 5: mickey and friends in track outfits!

highlight 6: fireworks at the start!

highlight 7: a woman from Canada asking us our pace, saying she was gonna stay with us and gone within a mile!

highlight 8: after 5 miles wondering when we were going to enter a park

highlight 9: finally entering epcot and thinking how cool it looks at night! wasn't in epcot for too terribly long

highlight 10: watching the sun come up! (it got warmer!)

highlight 11: kept backtracking feeling like we were continually going towards epcot then realized the epcot ball we were seeing was a hot air balloon

highlight 12: kept waiting for magic kingdom to go to the bathroom but couldn't wait, found porta-potties with no wait!

highlight 13: feeling better but still running and wondering when we were gonna see magic kingdom

highlight 14: ice hazards! yes there was ice in Florida! mainly at the water stations from spilled water. also frozen layers in our drinking cups

highlight 15: finally getting to magic kingdom!

highlight 16: running down main street of magic kingdom to lots of cheering people and CHRISTMAS decorations!!

highlight 17: the trumpets as we ran through Cinderella's castle

highlight 18: long boring run to Animal Kingdom

highlight 19: live piano player-playing rocky song

highlight 20: dude standing in the middle holding a staff with a skull you could rub for good luck!

highlight 21: running through animal kingdom - only owls and goats as we entered highlight 22: long run time, needed to stop at porta-potties again, ugh line this time! highlight 23: running by the smelly waste water treatment plant! at first it smelled like chocolate

highlight 24: ditching my outer layer (from Walmart) which a guy earlier said my sweat on my upper back had frosted over!

highlight 25: after ditching my fleece felt my hair and realized the sweat on the ends were icicles!

highlight 26: now that my Baltimore half shirt was noticeable found a lot more people from Maryla...nd, one dude was running in a 52 Ray Lewis jersey! Go Ravens!

highlight 27: DJ yelling less than 6 miles to go!

highlight 28: entering Hollywood Studios BEHIND the best ride ever of the Tower of Terror and seeing the space between the faux front and the real building

highlight 29: candy stop! jeff had a krackel

highlight 30: running around Hollywood Studios in the real working sections!

highlight 31: lots of cheering in Hollywood Studios that continued even out of the park!

highlight 32: running down boardwalk and around the lake by the beach club and yacht club, still lots of cheering!

highlight 33: excitement building all the way to epcot

highlight 34: running around epcot! still cheering!

highlight 35: sharp pain in my left pinky toe, either was bleeding profusely or just broke it

highlight 36: still running around epcot (eying all the places we know they sell alcohol!)

highlight 37: hitting 26.2 according to the GPS a quarter mile PRIOR to the finish

highlight 38: passing by the cheering bandstands!

highlight 39: grabbing Jeff's hand

highlight 40: crossing the finishline hand in hand with my running and life partner!

highlight 41: hugging after finishing our first marathon!

highlight 42: going to the self medical tent for knee on the ice, the lady wrapping it so tight I could barely walk

highlight 43: taking a picture with our medals!

highlight 44: getting our bag and putting on sweatshirts!

highlight 45: checkign out the merchandise tent and seeing the jackets we want still only in XXL

highlight 46: getting on the bus to return to the hotel

highlight 47: coming back to our phones and seeing so many nice messages from our friends and family! you all rock!

highlight 48: celebratory CHAMPAGNE! we bought it yesterday

highlight 49: showers!

highlight 50: watching the Ravens score 24 points in the first quarter

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Year In Review

Well it has been quite a year! In January we completed our first marathon and it was the Disney marathon too! The training up to it had some pros and cons. The definite pro was the time we spent together on our long runs. It was uninterrupted, untechnologied time together. The definite con to training for the marathon was the constant amount of time involved and oh there was that knee problem. My IT band decided it wasn't a fan of training for a marathon and tried to make my knee give out on all downhills. So we were running the uphills and walking the downhills. I am now quite good at going uphill. Luckily Disney had one hill. It was a great experience to finish in Disney World holding hands for our first marathon. We then spent two days playing in the parks and they even still had some of their holiday decorations up. This one is definitely a must do! A separate post will be a repeat posting from Facebook of the highlights of our 26.2 mile journey. Oh by the way it was the coldest temps in Florida recorded history....there was ice at the water stops...we slid right through.
May was quite a busy month as usual. We did the Lake Anna Sprint Tri. I took off I believe 7 min from last year. My goal was to break the 2 hour mark and I would have done it if the chain on my bike hadn't popped off! Arrrrg! I was literally watching the seconds on my watch as I was running trying to play catch up with the time. That one is fun because always stay in a house with friends. Also in May is the Columbia Triathlon. This was my first year doing it solo. A few years ago we did this one as the relay team Will Play for Gumbo. The hubby did it for the first time last year and I volunteered (I got to bodymark Chrissie Wellington!!) This year right on cue with the other years it rained and well actually it stormed at 4am! Our stuff got soaked. It was still kind of spitting when the race started. I seriously considered not racing, there are really steep hills and the race is not worth getting hurt over. But I did it and afterwards we went out to Champs where I cashed in my free birthday dessert. It was huge! A team effort was made to eat it!
In June I did the Diamondgirl triathlon at Lums Pond Delaware. This is my all time favorite triathlon!!! It is really small, there were only about 160 entries. I was in the first heat and since swimming is my strength I think I was like the 4th or 5th out of the water. I got all the "wow you are fast" claps and cheers. Little did they know that their favorite athlete would go whizzing by me on the bike! This year I finished in the top 50% so that was good and this race always helps me post my fastest run splits ever! This year was 8.15 per mile. While for some this is their marathon pace time for me this is amazing. This is a small race that is not populated by pros and elites and its awesome!
June also saw us swimming across the Chesapeake Bay. This is a really cool event that raises money for the March of Dimes. This was not my first trek across the bay but it was for the hubby and the best buddy Mo. We trained up for it beginning two weeks after the marathon. I tried to stay with the hubby swimming since he ran with me for the marathon but unfortunately I looked up once at the helicopter circling and then he blended in with all the other swimmers! I felt horrible but there was no way I was going to find him so I had to swim my own race. This year was way better than two years ago when I did it. The seas were as calm as they were gonna get. I finished 30 min faster than two years ago! Both the hubby and Mo broke my time. The only downside was the suit burn I got. I really need a new wetsuit!
July and August were calm. I was signed up for Diamondgirl NY which as a Half-lite meaning it was longer than an Olympic Triathlon but less than a Half Ironman. Well only 22 of us signed up so they canceled it! Arrrrg so I used that entry fee to do Diamondman in September.
So we completed Diamondman Delaware 70.3. This was our longest distance event ever! We didn't exactly train for it like we had wanted and in true Six fashion it rained, make that down-poured for the swim and half of the bike leg. See previous post for all of the unpleasant details.
In October we finished out our season with the Baltimore Half Marathon and Army 10-miler. I didn't end of the high note I would have liked. I hadn't been running because life and feeling like crap got in the way but oh well...
What have I learned you ask, well I have learned that swimming only gets me so far. I can't rely so much on my swimming abilities and I really need to work on my biking and running. My winter plan is to put some Aerobars on my bike and set it up on the trainer. The bars are really so I can read a book while biking. My plan is to bike for several hours and build up my flat riding. I am good going up hills but the downhill recovery and flat riding really suck. I am kind of scared of my big gears so I need to get over that. I also need to really learn how to run so that it isn't so difficult. Running is really hard for me, I need to learn how it can get easier.
Right now I am already signed up for the Columbia Triathlon, Irongirl Triathlon, and get this a 70.3 Half Ironman in Orlando, Florida! Super excited for that one and really nervous. I don't deal well with heat so that may be a challenge but I definitely want to train up to it much more than I did for Diamondman. We are considering the Virginia Beach Shamrock marathon or half marathon. We have some friends doing their first marathon so we want to go down and support them but that would mean training begins in December and we have gone straight for the past 18 months because of Disney and the bay! So I part of me wants to stay on the break and winter training is not easy to schedule with weather issues and my knee is continuing to act up. So I have a lot of excuses/reasons to not but there are also reasons to do it. I still need to get better at running, we want to support our friends, it's a fun race (we did the half as our first), so I just don't know. Today I started some weight training at the gym with the idea that if I strengthen the muscles around my knee maybe it won't hurt so much. We'll see how that goes. We are also looking at ending next season really big! We are going to try and get into the New York City ING marathon, if we don't, as a lot of people don't make it in, our back up is to do the Goofy Challenge in Disney World in January of 2012. What's the Goofy Challenge you ask, well it is positively Goofy! You do the half marathon on Saturday then the full marathon on Sunday! Yikes I know! We would take the Saturday run quite easy with picture taking and walking mixed in. That would be a pretty cool accomplishment. The NYC marathon is a highly desired race as well so we will be happy with either. We won't know until March or April if we get into NYC and luckily I don't think the Goofy sells out too fast, hmmm can't imagine why.
So there it is our year in review, the highlights if you will of accomplishments and disappointments but year to be proud of nonetheless.
Happy Training!