Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why do you run?

"Why do you run?" It's a common question among runners, triathletes, and the people who think we are crazy. The question is so common that Runners World dedicates sections of their magazine every month to celebrities that run and the common folk.  Truth be told...ummmm I hate running...Please note that as I write this I am in a resort in Disney World having just finished the Donald Duck half marathon and am doing the full marathon tomorrow and remember I hate that brings us back to the question why do I run?  Well very simply "because I can."  My body has the ability to run so I do.  I don't particularly enjoy it and my body works very hard as I have asthma, lower back, and knee issues so running isn't easy but there are so many people out there who have it much worse and probably wish they could run but their body isn't physically able.  Mine is and therefore I do.  Additionally I look at it as a way to mentally (besides physically) train myself.  If I can commit to, set a goal, train for, and finish something that I don't totally want to do, well then I can do anything!

"So what keeps you going?" you are probably asking the computer screen and why the hell did you sign up for a half marathon followed by a full marathon on the same weekend?  Those are some excellent questions. They are actually linked together.  First I love Disney.  Second, well I hate training but I enjoy the time with my husband.  Since the end of September we have once (and several times twice) gone on a long run on the weekend.  It is a great time for us to unplug, no cell phones, computers, etc.  We get to spend some quality time together talking about what's going on.  I am not someone who really goes out and runs for the sake of running and enjoying it.  I have to have a particular goal race in mind that I am training for, that gets me out to the pavement.  Third, even though I don't particularly enjoy the act of running I enjoy (somewhat) the atmosphere of the races.  I am competitive by nature, in swimming, but those are over quickly (except for the 4.4 mile bay swim) and don't involve a lot of camaraderie when you are doing the actual race.  With swimming there are rules about what you can and cannot wear.  With running much less so and with Disney races you have people in all kinds of costumes!  Half the enjoyment of the races is people watching (and it helps distract you from the fact that you are still running.)  Fourth, and finally for now the bling.  Many races, especially Disney, give kick butt bling.  It makes you not wanna quit because you know the medal you are getting at the end is awesome and non running folks are wishing they had it.  Unfortunately four is all I am able to come up with.  My list for why I hate running is much longer.

That's it for now.  Race reports for the Goofy Challenge will be forthcoming!
Do you run? What keeps you going?

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