Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Veg Day 2

Today nothing real exciting to post. Breakfast was a chocolate chip bagel and cream cheese from the Bagel Bin. Lunch was leftover tomato soup from and half a calzone from when I had my teeth out. Dinner though was amazing! We had tomatoes from our garden and the non-Amish Amish market with some fresh mozzarella over salad greens. I made a dressing of garden chives and garden basil with EVOO. Salt, peppper, balsamic vinegar, and my dressing over the mozz, tomatoes, and salad greens made for a yummy dinner. A picture to come soon. Today didn't feel like a stretch for no mean except when Scriv had a chicken biscuit from Chikfila for breakfast and that smelled yummmmmy. Other than that boring day of eatins.

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