Monday, July 5, 2010

Veg Week

So I am going to try this blogging thing and see where it takes me. As of now I have one follower which is my bestest bud. This could end up being more of a journal for me to look back on in 30 years and laugh at myself at where my life was and what I was thinking about. So linking the title Veg Week to the thoughts from a swimmer and triathlons. Well I consider myself a swimmer first and athlete/triathlete second or tenth maybe with a few other things in between. One thing that is important to all athletes is food! I am also Italian which means I really love food especially fresh food!! The hubby and I have decided that this week is going to be our vegetarian week. We do this every few months or so as kind of a cleansing and to prove to ourselves that we can. We decided on our way back from Ocean City today that this week would be perfect since we don't have any races coming up where we would really be missing the protein. Don't get me wrong I love meat! Hubby and I went to Outback Steakhouse so much we had to restrict ourselves to once a month. We also go to Ruth Chris steakhouse a few times and year and on vacation we always end up seeking out the high end steakhouse in the area. Is being a veg sustainable for me or am I more likely to be in a Go Meat Hillshire Farms commercial? Well probably not to both, I already have low iron levels and I don't really like beans so I really kinda need my animal protein but I can certainly reduce the amount I eat and make sure that I am not just eating some meat product to eat it as opposed to really enjoying it for what it is and making sure I am putting in my body the highest quality meat possible. Wow that was a total run-on sentence. Am I going to consider a vegan week? Well I may consider the notion but this week I will be relying on cheese for protein and I can't do milk and ice cream so cheese and yogurt are kinda important to my nutrition. A vegan week is possible but I am more likely to do a veg month which is a possibility in the future, probably in a winter month where I am not leading up to a big event. My goal for this week is to blog each day, I can commit to 7 days right? We'll see I don't really like writing that much but I think I can do at least once a day this week. I do have a stickie note on my monitor reminding me to write about it. Hopefully I get a few more followers. I intend to share how to eat veg when you go out (we eat out a lot) and also some yummy recipes I find. If nothing else I will remind myself of these yummy recipes (or my poor writing skills) when I read this in 30 years. That's it for now. Feel free to leave any questions but that is more likely to come from Casper the friendly ghost or myself in 30 years in which case unless there is time travel or I find a blue police box there won't be an answer.

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  1. I just picked up a cookbook from the library by Alice Waters about green/sustainable cooking. Will bring it along for tonight's adventure. :)