Monday, July 5, 2010

Veg eatin day 1

A few more reasons this week made sense to go veg. First well its summer and veggies have water so they can be refreshing. It is also a bajillion degrees outside. Tomorrow's high is 101 so having salads to eat this week will be amazing. Also has my three followers know I have water retention problems so for me a focus on foods with water isn't a bad idea. Last week I got my wisdom teeth out and gnawing on meat just isn't going to happen. I had some wings on Saturday and my stitches in one spot fell out. Meat is still too chewy right now, granted crispy veggies don't work great either. Last week I bought some vegetarian eating magazines for fun and we thought it might be fun to try some of the recipes, not that we can't try them anytime we want. Finally we stocked up at the Amish Market (which wasn't very Amish) on our way home from Ocean City on tomatoes, green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes. We are set. So what did we eat on our first day you ask? Well only one of you didn't have a meal with me at all.
Breakfast from A Bagel and ...
I got the NY roll with cheddar cheese. They had the big block of cheese in the case and it just looked yummy. Hubby got a plain bagel with butter. We hadn't decided at that point to have veg week but it fits
Lunch from Houlihans
We both got the chop salad which is delicious. I remembered at the last second to order it without bacon. Hubby seemed to survive without his bacon on the salad. We also shared an order of their parmesan frites which are super yummy and come with dipping sauces
I had a banana from a gas station and some watermelon M brought by last week
Dinner was at The Grilled Cheese & Co
This was our first visit to this restaurant. We will definitely be back! Hubby go the original which was grilled cheese with American. I got the Fresco which was more like a panini. It had fresh mozzarella, tomato, roasted peppers, pesto, evoo, and balsamic. It was quite tasty and we share some shoe string fries. Their menu doesn't seem to list custom sandwiches such as an original with cheddar instead of American but I don't see any reason why not since everything is made fresh. Lots of grease but lots of tastiness! We will be back
So overall a good day, not sure if I was any healthier especially with snacks were better than normal. Although there is some Fishers caramel popcorn waiting for me when this mouth is better! Hopefully some pictures on other days. My pic of the grilled cheese doesn't look as good as it tasted! Happy Eating!

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